Strebel Taurus – Biomass Boiler

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The Strebel Taurus range of low maintenance, biomass boilers are a robust and adaptable choice for all applications offering great cost savings on your heating and hot water. We provide the full range from 13kW to a massive 990kW that can be used with a number of biofuels, including standard wood pellets, wood chip, grains and rape seed husk. There are also numerous solutions for all site requirements including container units and a wide range of fuel storage options. Storage vessels and Silo’s are available for the Wood Pellets of up to 30 tonnes. There are also options for interconnecting delivery systems between the fuel storage and boiler.

Features available in the Strebel Taurus biomass boiler range:

  • Multi fuel option; allows burning of wood pellets and wood chips. A third programme can be loaded upon request for burning of other biofuels.
  • Firewood up to 80cm in length can be fired in all boiler models up to 100kW .
  • High efficiency in both the full and part load range.
  • Excellent efficiency even with inferior fuel.
  • Low demand of chimney-draw even if fired with straw-pellets or grain.
  • All systems are equipped with SPS-oxygen-control (Lambda-probe).
  • Automatic removing of ashes out of the combustion chamber.
  • Automatic flue-gas cleaning.
  • Water-cooled burner-heads with flexible grate.
  • Cinders-producing fuel can be fired (lime-adding is needed).
  • Solid High-quality screw in square-canals with powerful motor/transmission guarantee problem-free material-conveyance.
  • Models 13, 18 & 35 are all MCS approved.


These universal boilers have the PLC lambda sensor and preset combustion programmes for pellets, woodchips and waste wood. These boilers can either be run continuously or with an automatic ignition unit. This range of boilers are provided with a wood grate and can be fed manually with split logs up to 90cm long or use automatic firing pellets or wood chips. These boilers also have automatic de-ashing to a side-mounted bin.


Again with auto de-ashing, auto ignition and also a moving combustion chamber floor and exhaust fan.


This range of boilers offer extensive range control and regulation options. Maintenance friendly operation is achieved by using stepped grate; self-acting floor and combustion chamber de-ashing; high level de-ashing auger and cleaning of horizontal shell and tube heat exchanger. Efficiencies are over 90% and proven to meet world-leading emission values for biomass boilers. The stoker and ash augers are of especially solid design, and the gearboxes and motors are maintenance free. For these reasons, the Strebel Taurus 350 to 990kw universal biomass boilers are one of the most user-friendly, maintenance-friendly range of boilers on the market today and can be used in many applications.

Standard fuels – Pellets with all standards, G50/W35 chips, Firewood.Standard fuels are often a prerequisite for scheme funding boiler applications. Other biofuels – Straw pellets, sawdust, wood shavings, triticale, power corn, cereals, fruit pits, nut shells, corn cob, rape expeller, elephant grass (Miscanthus), industrial wastes, agricultural wastes and by-products, etc.

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