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24 February, 2023

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Long term journey to saving energy – A rate your whole home.

Energy saving is at the front of everyone’s mind and with more price increases forecast preparing your home is the best plan of attack. We understand that doing everything all in one go is impossible so if you have a budget see our other blog however a great long term plan is the best solution […]

2 December, 2022

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Energy Saving on a budget

If you’re one of the 22 million people affected by the recent energy price hikes, you’ll know just how important it is to save money on your bills right now. It’s not always easy to make big energy changes when you’re short of cash, so we’ve put together some ideas that can help to suit […]

31 May, 2022

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Energy Efficiency Saving Measures

Save energy and build a sustainable lifestyle – Go Green! Energy is the backbone of development. Everything from the generation of jobs to the progress of companies is entirely dependent upon energy. However, this necessity comes at a cost, as excessive usage has led to resource depletion and a significant increase in pollution. Therefore, it […]

4 May, 2020


Benefits of Installing The Best Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Are you aware of the fact that energy-saving light bulbs last up to 12 times as long as the traditional bulbs? Yes! It uses less electricity to release the same amount of light as a traditional bulb. These are the best energy-efficient option that can help in reducing the carbon footprint of your home in […]

1 May, 2020


Benefits Of Installing Solar Panel Kits

As the price of electricity continues to rise, more and more individuals are adopting renewable power at a rapid rate. In the past few years, the electric solar panel kits have become quite popular. People are buying solar panel kits for reducing their power consumption and long-term costs. These are the bundles of solar energy generation equipment. […]

30 April, 2020


Key advantages of Spiral CFL Light Bulbs over incandescent bulbs

CFI light bulbs are basically the shorter editions of the mainstream fluorescent light bulbs. It’s not just about the size, though; CFL delivers much better quality light as well. To be specific, the quality of light is much enhanced through spiral CFL light bulb. Those uninitiated, CFL is an abbreviated term, the full form of which […]

29 April, 2020


Advantage of a thermal water heater and tips to save more energy

Needless to say, how much relevance the hot water carries for both the residential, as well as the commercial sector. In fact, manufacturing units can’t simply function without hot water. This is where the usefulness of the thermal water heater is felt. At the same time, utilising it for the desired purpose, it is desired that the […]

26 February, 2020

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Top 10 Water Saving Products

HIPPO TOILET FLUSH WATER SAVER The hippo is simply a bag which goes into the toilet cistern to save water every time you flush. Easy to fit, no tools required. WATER SAVING AERATING SHOWER HEAD A water saving shower has an air intake at the base of the showerhead. It mixes air with the water […]

25 February, 2020

Energy Saving Tips | Latest News

Top 10 Electricity Saving Products

Hot Water Immersion Heater Timer Timer switches give you control over your electricity usage and prevent things from overrunning, or staying on for longer than planned. Items like hot water immersion heaters can use a lot of electricity, which is annoying if they are accidentally left on. Timer switches also have a wide range of […]