2 December, 2022

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Our quick 8 energy saving tips could save you £488+ TOTAL: £488 in potential bill savings

8 October, 2021

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Kids spending too long in the shower?

Save money and help reduce your climate change impact.  Win-win! Step 1 – Telling the kids to spend less time in the shower doesn’t seem to work! (We speak from experience) Step 2, – Buy a water flow rate test bag and check the flow rate of your showerheads.  Anything over 8 Litres per minute […]

1 October, 2021

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Save Unnecessary Water Loss With Water Saving Tap Aerators.

29 April, 2020


Advantage of a thermal water heater and tips to save more energy

Needless to say, how much relevance the hot water carries for both the residential, as well as the commercial sector. In fact, manufacturing units can’t simply function without hot water. This is where the usefulness of the thermal water heater is felt. At the same time, utilising it for the desired purpose, it is desired that the […]

26 February, 2020

Energy Saving Tips Latest News

Top 10 Water Saving Products

HIPPO TOILET FLUSH WATER SAVER The hippo is simply a bag which goes into the toilet cistern to save water every time you flush. Easy to fit, no tools required. WATER SAVING AERATING SHOWER HEAD A water saving shower has an air intake at the base of the showerhead. It mixes air with the water […]