The Basic Science of Global Warming caused Climate Change

More science behind the effects of global warming and climate change.

There is now no double in the scientific community that mankind is causing global warming and the subsequent climate change is taking place.

Without quick action, the consequences for our planetary home could become irreversible.  This is now a planetary emergency, Al Gore.

  • Mankind has increased Carbon Dioxide gases (CO2) in the atmosphere well above natural variation levels. CO2 is the most important of the greenhouse gases.
  • Global warming is taking place because the suns energy hits the earth in the form of light waves and infra red radiation. Normally some of this energy is reflected back into space but CO2 gas build up is trapping more and more heat.  This has be known since 1977.  There are also other greenhouse gases which cause global warming.
  • CO2 makes up 80% of greenhouse gas emissions. CO2 comes from buring fossil fuels like oil, gas and coal to heat and generate electricity for our homes and offices, also from manufacturing, cars making cement can cutting down of forests.
  • Other greenhouse gases come from gases like methane.  60% of all methane come from landfill sites, livestock farming, fossil fuel burning and wastewater treatment. We have also caused a 17% increase in nitrous oxide. HFC and CFC gases are also greenhouse gases. There is also PFC’s and sulphur hexafluoride. Water vapour which increases with global warming also traps heat from the sun.
  • Actual CO2 levels. Pre-industrial CO2 was 280 parts per million (PPM) about 150 years ago. In 2005 CO2 is now at 381 PPM. If we continues business as usual the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere will double in less than 50 years to around 600 ppm.
  • Scientist professor Ravelle realised in the 1960’s that the post world war 2 economic expansion and population growth was likely to give an unprecedented and dangerous increase of CO2 levels in Earths atmosphere. Ravelle also saw that the oceans also absorb some the CO2.
  • According to Arctic ice core samples, at no point in the past 650,000 years did the CO2 levels in earths atmosphere go above 300ppm. We are now approaching 400ppm, in 45 years we could be at 600ppm if nothing is done. None of these dates, facts or figures are disputed by anybody.
  • The melting Artic ice cap will speed up global warming as less heat from the sun is reflected by the white ice but instead will be absorbed by the Arctic Ocean. Melting of the Artic ice cap would profoundly change the entire climate pattern around Earth.  The current distribution of heat from the warm equator to the cold poles drives Earths climate pattern like the Gulf Stream. These same climate patters have been around for the last 10,000 years since the last ice age. Every farm, town city around the planet is based on current climate patterns. Disturbing these climate patters could have incalculable circumstances for the whole of civilisation and yet the climate crisis is giving potential to do just that.
  • Global climate changes are not seen year and year but happen in jerks and because of the atmospheres telekinetic nature these changes will manifest themselves across the globe.
  • The average world wide temperature is about 58 degF. Global warming is on track to give a 5 degree average temperature increase with nothing is done.  This increase would be more like 2degF increase at the poles but a 12 degF increase at the equator.
  • One of the most fragile parts of the Earths climate pattern is the Gulf Stream which brings warmth from the mid eastern Atlantic to northern Europe. 10,000 years ago after the last ice age melting fresh water from the North American Great Lakes flooded out into the Atlantic along the St Lawrence river. This disrupting the thermo-haline currents in the Atlantic causing the Gulf Stream to virtually switch off, this then plunges Europe into a longer ice age the rest of the world for another 900-1000 years. Some scientists are no very concerned that this could start to happen again due to melting ice from Greenland.

Why are Global Warming and Climate Change happening now?

This is a unprecedented and massive collision between civilisation and Earth for the following reasons:-

  1. The world population explosion, people are living longer. On the year 0 AD the world population was quarter of a Billion, there were 1 Billion in 1776, 2 Billion in 1945 at the time of the 2nd world war and now 6.5 billion. By 2030 there could be 9 Billion – that is from 2 billion to 9 billion within one lifetime. Many of the developed nations can put a huge strain on Earths natural resources unless effective energy management and recycling can be developed.
  2. The scientific and technical revolution.  We used to plough fields with horses but now we use huge machines which each release large quantities of CO2 whilst they are built and each using thousands of tonnes of resources for their construction. The same machines continue to release CO2 by burning oil through use of petrol or diesel. Global warming may seem slow over one persons lifetime but in the context of Earths history it is happening at lightening speed.
  3. There is now 0% disagreement with the scientific evidence of Global Warming. The misconception that there is disagreement between scientist over Global Warming but this is part of a dis-information campaign by Oil and Coal companies who’s business relies on the massive unrestrained dumping of CO2 into the atmosphere. Some of this dis-information was created by the American Government during the Bush administration where it has been proven that insiders were deliberately removing all references to Global Warming to deny its existence.
  4. Our belief that we have to choose between a health economy and a health environment.  We must use market capitalism to screw business as usual. Business leads must factor in the environment.  Poor leaders suffer from shortermisme and quick return whilst clever investors are now interested in the longer term environmentally friendly options.  Geoffrey Emmult, the CEO of the GE Electric, one of the biggest electrical manufacturers in the world said, ‘here at GE we think green means green. This is a time period where environmental improvement is going to lead towards profitability’.
  5. People can have the dangerous misconception that if Global Warming is so dangerous as scientist say then, we throw up our hands and feel hopeless to do anything about it. Everybody has to be part of the solution.  It is possible to make the changes, for example a 1 mega watt wind farm is equal to 50,000 tonnes of coal burning each year and can power 24000 homes. There is carbon released during the construction of wind farms but then they are all clean power generation for their 25 year plus lifetime, by the main structural components we expected to last much longer. We have access to all the technologies now to reduce carbon emissions to 1970’s levels. Primarily we have to 1, become more energy efficient, improve automatic efficiency, improve transport efficiency, use more renewable power generation, capture and store carbon released from current power plants.

Why are people so resistant to Climate Change action (Al Gore)

  1. People don’t want to believe in Global Warming, especially businesses and industry.  They consider it to be an inconvenient truth which means people will have to make changes, turn down the thermostat, change the light bulbs and us renewable fuels.
  2. As of 2003, all USA government policies were ignoring the scientific evidence of Global Warming. There has been much corruption in the USA and Australian governments by the energy sector and coal mining companies to promote the burning of coal. In the US the Bush administration was the worst. The worst group disagreeing with climate change was the Global Climate Coalition (GCC) in existence from 1989 to 2002 who’s purpose was to cast doubt on global warming theory. The GCC was made up of 50 oil, gas, auto and chemical industries and made $60M in US government donations but collapsed in 2002 after overwhelming evidence from the IPCC supporting climate change.
  3. Governments are often too busy fire fighting their own local and economy associated problems. Private sector business is often in the best position to take the lead on preventing climate change.
  4. Climate Change Disinformation campaigns by companies must stop. In 2003 companies in the USA were spending $1M per year in desperation to stop any action against climate change.

Everyone must act now, don’t feel overwhelmed by the challenge, make the changes, get politically involved and educate everyone you know to do the right thing.


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