Top 10 Electricity Saving Products

Hot Water Immersion Heater Timer

Timer switches give you control over your electricity usage and prevent things from overrunning, or staying on for longer than planned. Items like hot water immersion heaters can use a lot of electricity, which is annoying if they are accidentally left on. Timer switches also have a wide range of other usage such as controlling lighting, extract ventilation, heating.

Infrared Panel Heaters

Infrared panel heaters are starting to become more common. These can work more effectively than cheap oil radiators or fan heaters because they do not need to heat all of the air within the room. Infrared panel heaters work by radiating heat, the same type of heat which you feel from the sun. Infrared panel heaters heat up people and objects within the room, which is especially effective for large spaces. Infrared panel heaters can use 2 to 3 times less electricity than high powered oil radiators, fan heaters, or traditional panel wall heaters as they require much lower power input. For example, a 600 W infrared panel heater could heat the same space as a 2000W oil radiator. Now that the electricity generated for grid supply is becoming greener with more and more wind/solar generation, low-power infrared panel heaters are becoming an eco-friendly option.

Countdown timer and time delay switch

Countdown Timer

Time delay switches ensure things are not left on for any longer than necessary. These are commonly used in places like communal stairwells leading to flats to ensure the light not left on. We also have time delay switches which can be used with power sockets, to automatically turn off power after 1, 3, or 6 hours which is a great way of improving electrical safety and stopping any phantom loads / standby power consumption.

LED lighting

Lighting has now become much more efficient. Old tungsten light fittings only gave out around 12 lumens brightness of light per watt of electricity used, modern LED light fittings can now give out more than 100 lumens brightness of light per watt of electricity used. Energy saving LED light bulbs and LED spotlight fittings can now save more money around the home than compact fluorescent bulbs and they last longer. LED tube lights and LED panel lights can save a huge amount of money in commercial properties like shops and offices where their installation pays for itself very quickly, in some cases less than one year if there are long operational hours.

Solar Panels

Try creating your own electricity, whether it be for a solar powered light to the shed at the end of your garden, or maybe even an off grid holiday home or workplace. We have a wide range of solar panels, solar charge controllers, solar generators, and solar battery kits which can help you to do this. You can also use our solar calculator to help you decide what size solar panels and battery banks you may need for your project.

Compact Fluorescent Lighting CFL’s

CFL compact fluorescent lighting has been around for years. We have kept CFL energy saving lighting as part of our range as it is still a quick and cheap fix to saving electricity. CFL light bulbs are still generally cheaper than the modern LED light bulbs, although LED light bulbs do use a few watts less electricity

Photocell Timer

Most people simply fit a photocell switch if they want to ensure there lights are not accidentally left on during the daytime. The disadvantage of a standard photocell switch is that the lights will stay on all night, unless the photocell is connected to a separate timer switch. We have an all in one photocell timer switch, which can turn your light on at dusk, turn off at say midnight, turn on at 7am, turn off dawn automatically.

Time settings are adjustable. This gives you the convenience of automatic lighting and ensures your lights are not left on throughout the night or during daytime

LED Night Lights

We introduced our range of LED nightlights as we appreciate that some people, especially when there are children in the house, may wish to leave a landing on throughout the night. Instead of having an 11w energy-saving light fitting running all night, why not use our LED nightlight which uses only 0.5 W, as little as 1p per week

One Cup Kettle

Consider buying a one cup kettle. Instead of boiling 3 or 4 cups of water each time you switch the kettle on, a 1 cup kettle will simply boils just one cup of water each time. We have tested these on our energy monitors, and they can actually save you around £20-30 of electricity each year, plus doing your little bit for the environment

PIR occupancy sensors for fans and lighting

Passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensors detect when there is movement, generally up to 8 m away from the sensor.They will automatically turn on lighting or fans to a room when they detect a person in the area. PIR occupancy sensors will then keep lighting on so long as there is movement in the area of the sensor. When the person has left the room, the occupancy sensor will turn the lighting off again, say five minutes after the person leaves the room.The lighting in the room stays on so long as there is movement which constantly resets the five-minute countdown timer to prevent the light from turning (time settings adjustable).Obviously, this is a great way of ensuring items are not left on when there is nobody in the room. A great example, is storerooms to the back of shops which may have several strip light fittings which stay on all day, whereas, people may only be going in and out of the room once or twice an hour. PIR occupancy sensors are suitable for many other spaces like toilets, utility rooms, occasional use areas such as circulation corridors. They can reduce your lighting energy usage by as much as 30 to 50%