Top 10 Energy Saving Products 2022

Energy bills are on the rise and this is being felt by everyone, with suppliers notifying us of further rises it’s time to make changes which you can benefit from immediately.

We have the ethos that energy saving doesn’t have to cost the Earth and we have put together some energy saving “quick fixes” – ok maybe a few more than 10!

Clothes Dryers

Sometimes the wheel doesn’t need to be reinvented and this is a perfect example of this.

These clothes dryers are a fantastic – simply add your wet washing, hoist up and allow nature to do what it does best!

For example a 7 lath kit with 2.2m lengths will hang dry an average 2 washing machine loads and depending on location can dry within a few hours.

Hot Water Cylinder Jackets

Hot Water Insulation Jacket will reduce your gas or electricity bills by reducing the cost of your hot water heating.

A poorly insulated hot water cylinder will constantly lose heat into the surrounding area which you may not want to be heating. For example, an electric immersion hot water cylinder without any insulation will lose so much heat it will actually heat the property for you, but this is electric heating which is costly to run.

Quick and easy to install and immediate savings

Countdown Timers

Installing a simple countdown timer can stop devices being left on unnecessarily. We are being told about “vampire devices” all the time which although on standby are still using a huge amount of energy.

Multi socket extension leads can be plugged into this power saver to allow four or more devices to be fully disconnected from the power. Standard version has 1, 3 and 6 hour time settings

Chimney Draught Excluder

Chimney Draught Excluders are designed to be pushed into the narrow part of the chimney above the fireplace, used when the fire is out and the central heating is on.

A huge amount of warm air is drawn up the chimney throughout the day which causes draughts in rooms and loss of heated air.

It has been calculated that for an average sized flue these chimney draught excluders can save you £46 per year off your heating bills for EACH chimney, with the added benefit of reducing draughts within rooms. If you have several chimneys then the savings will be much higher.

Radiator Reflectors

Radflek radiator reflectors, reduces your heating bill by reflecting wasted energy back into your room rather than heating up the wall and the street outside.

These are very quick to install and you will notice the difference in the room very quickly.

Water Saving Shower Heads

Did you know most shower heads provided with showers use upto 12l of water a minute? – this not only means a lot of water but also a lot of gas/electricity to warm that 12l of water up!

Our water saving shower heads start a 6l per minute but the pressure is not lost due to the water saving aerator in the bottom.

Simply unscrew your current shower head and install the water saving head!

Window/Door Draught Proofing

Draughty windows or doors will lose heat during cold weather partly due to poor thermal insulation, but also due to air infiltration or the permeability of the building.

These simple and easy to fit fixes are great and relatively low cost – often with a few weeks payback time.

Wool Dryer Balls

Not everyone has outdoor space to dry clothing and rely on tumble dryers; we understand this so we have…. woolly balls! Just pop them in the dryer along with the wet washing and let them work their magic, they can reduce drying time by up to a third.

Reducing electricity bills and adding extra softness to your drying.

LED/CFL Lighting

LED spot lights & CFL’s use 90% less electricity than halogen or tugsten bulbs and last many times longer with great energy saving potential. Payback in only 2-3 months for long halogen light working hours

Loft Legs

A box of Loft Legs cover approx 1.7 to 2.4sqm depending on your storage board size and ceiling joist spacing.

They raise the loft floor by 175mm allowing for extra insulation

Upgrading from 75mm to 250mm could reduce your energy bills by upto £150 a year

Easy to install, ultra strong and made from lightweight PP resin . No cutting, drilling or heavy lifting required, screw loft led directly into position.

Can be retrofitted to your existing storage boarding by lifting the boards whilst installing additional insulation Loft Insulation Spacer Legs – Loftleg Standard 12 Pack

Radiator Thermostats (ETRV’s)

Do you heat all the rooms in your home when your heating comes on even if no one is in that room? Yes? This is a major energy drain!

By fitting a eTRV on your radiator you can programme the unit when it needs to be on…. room by room. Electronic TRV Radiator Thermostat Valve Digital Programmable

Occupancy Sensors

Lights left on unnecessarily? Then PIR occupancy sensors are the answer.

These have lux and time delay settings allowing you to be in full control. 360 Degree PIR Motion Switch

Outdoor Lighting Timers

Our Photocell outdoor lighting timers stop lights being left on all night when it simply isn’t needed.

Timer head can be swapped with traditional photocell head.

Simply programme the unit what time you want the lights to go off and within a couple of days the unit will come on at dusk and stay on until your chosen time and then on again when you chose and off at dawn. Photocell Timer Light Switch

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