Vampire Device Energy Saving

Know the “Energy Vampires” in your home and save hundreds of pounds easily

‘Vampire devices’ are appliances that use electricity even when they’re off….. Yes, you heard right! Your
home could be full of ‘vampire devices’ costing you up to £147 a year. According to the Department of
Energy, 10% of the energy is used by vampire devices in an average home.

Top energy ‘vampires devices’:

There are so many vampires devices but the most common are computers and computer-related
equipment (modems, routers, etc.), Smart TVs, Cable or satellite TV boxes, Household devices with a
clock, etc.

How to identify energy vampires:

Here are some simple ways to identify energy vampires – e.g. an external power supply, a remote
control, a continuous display (including an LED), such as a clock, charging batteries, etc.

How can you stop energy vampires?

The best and permanent way is to use energy-saving devices or energy-saving products that are sure
to reduce your utility bills and can save you hundreds of pounds easily – not only saves your money but
it saves the environment too.

Let us save energy and environment together!

Here are some eco-friendly energy saving product that you can buy today. Top 10 Energy Saving Products 2022

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