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Wireless Programmable Thermostat and Receiver

Digital Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat 7 Day Heating Timer
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Wireless Programmable Thermostat and Receiver.

Turning your heating thermostat down can save your £50 per year
Take control of your home or office heating with our wireless central heating thermostat.
Can be used in conjunction with TRVs (thermostatic radiator valves) for more effective temperature control. Many heating systems
Maintain a comfortable temperature all of the time.
Save energy by allowing your heating to turn off and cool the house down when your are not it.
Thermostat can be wall mounted or freestanding therefore allowing you to move the to thermostat around to the room you're occupying.
Ignore the myth that it is cheaper to leave your heating on then having it cycle on/off. It is a proven fact that your home/ office will use more gas/ electricity if your keep your heating on all of the time. Heating loss through walls or roofs increases the higher the temperatures difference between inside and out.

LED background lighting to display
Easy to fit
4 periods to each daily programme
Display shows set temperature, measured temperature, time, programme/ manual mode, heating on/off icon
Thermostat supplied with a wall fixing frame for compact surface mounting, or has rear supports to be freestanding.


Thermostat screen power, two AA 1.5v batteries
Backup storage memory for programmes
Receiver operating voltage 220-250V AC
Frequency 868 MHz/ 433 Mhz
5+1+1 day, 4 periods per day, allows for weekday programme and separate saturday & sunday programmes
Receiver switch contacts No and Nc (normally open & normally closed)
Temperature settings 5 - 35 degrees C, 0.5 deg C increments
Accuracy 0.5 deg C
Thermostat dimensions 112 x 86 x 26mm
Receiver dimensions 114 x 86 x 31mm
Colour white
IP Protection rating IP20
Certification CE, RoHs

Connection to the boiler
Firstly, if you have a programmer/ heating timer built into the boiler, then this must be set to permanently on so that it will not interfere with the new programmer built into this new wireless thermostat.
The signal receiver box is placed on the wall next to or below the boiler. This box is wired directly to the boiler, but it will communicate wirelessly with the wall mounted thermostat in the occupier area of the home/ office.
Most boilers which have not had a heating thermostat fitted in the past will have a wire loop between two terminals close to where the electric supply cable is attached to the boiler. This loop may have connection names for example, Lc and Lr or similar but you will need to check in your boiler manual or with the boiler manufacturer. One of these terminals will normally be a permanent live and the other a live return from the thermostat wall receiver.
The wall receiver then simply acts as a switch so that when that when the wall thermostat tells the heating to come on, the receiver powers the live return an tells the boiler to come on.
If in doubt, consult with a qualified electrician.

Thermostat requires two AA 1.5v Batteries (not included)

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