Why change to a biomass boiler

Why change to Biomass

  • Renewable – biomass wood fuel is a managed and replaceable fuel source – just plant more trees
  • Oil cost was 15p/L in 2001, now 52-60p/L dependant on location
  • Possibly offering the best feed in tariffs NOW – likely to go down slowly with increased uptake

Current RHI Rates (2015)

Commercial = 8.6p per kWh index linked and payable for 20 years, typically £17000 per year up to 200Kw

Domestic = 12.2p per kWh indexed linked and payable for 7 years, typically £2460 per year for the average house, plus fuel cost savings if changing from oil or LPG, however biomass fuel is still feasible if changing from mains gas.

Naturnal Oil, LPG and main Gas prices are steadily going up at around 5% more per annum, Biomass fuel is a more stable enviromentally friendly fuel source only expected to have 1-3% per annume price increase. By the end of 2014, biomass fuel is likely to be same cost as mains gas

Gas Prices Graph
Crude Oil Prices

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