Why Solar Lighting Kits are Remarkably Useful as Emergency Lights or Portable Lights?

As there are many usages of solar power, stand-alone solar lighting systems are a flexible application as it accommodates to serve many objectives. Solar lighting kits are very flexible as these can be utilized in several applications which are able to cover indoor as well as outdoor usages, whether it is domestic or commercial uses, emergency or standby usages. A solar lighting kit utilizes a particular solar panel that is able to provide sufficient energy for powering single or multiple bulbs. 

Commonly a solar lighting kit includes a solar panel, rechargeable battery, charger controller unit, cables as well as an inverter. The specs of the solar lighting kit can vary depending on the kind of uses and the number of lamps to be powered. For example, 2 solar panels can be utilized for lighting up 2 single bulbs of smaller wattage or 1 bulb of higher wattage.

Uses of Solar Lighting Kits

Home Lighting

Home solar lighting utilizing a solar lighting kit is beneficial as of its uniformity. This system is able to secure solar energy throughout the day and is able to run all night. Portable Lighting Kits

Street Lighting

As of its capability of working as a stand-alone solar light source, solar lighting kits are specifically useful for street lighting. The parts of solar lighting kits utilized for street lighting are solar panels, charge controllers, rechargeable batteries, LED bulbs, and poles. And the requirements of the components could change depending on the usage. 

Traffic Lights

Solar lighting kits are absolutely fitting for traffic lights as these are also stand-alone systems. In these systems no inverter is needed as the DC power produced by the solar panel can be instantly applied for powering LED bulbs utilized in traffic lights. 

Portable Lighting Kits

Solar lighting kits are remarkably helpful as emergency lights or portable lights. A portable solar lighting system charges by utilizing solar energy and is utilized as an emergency light whenever needed. These lights can also be utilized through outdoor ventures such as picnics, camping, etc. 

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